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Thin, slip-resistant vinyl signage that adheres well to carpet, linoleum, tile, wood and other surfaces, floor graphics from Allegra are excellent solutions for your crisis-related communications.

Consider the three key advantages to floor graphics

You can apply them in areas away from walls or windows where other graphics might not be possible.

They’re hard to miss. Most people watch where they walk and can’t help but notice a floor graphic they’re about to step on!

Plus, thanks to incredible new materials, floor space can become marketing space.

Floor Graphics

Utilize them for COVID-19 alerts and directions

Floor graphics from Allegra are gaining wider application today. Retailers and other businesses and organizations are now using them to:

  • Alert walkers to one-way aisles
  • Direct pedestrian traffic, e.g., “Line forms here”
  • Lead visitors to registration desks or checkout aisles
  • Mark “no-entry” areas
  • Notify shoppers to specials or new arrivals
  • Promote social distancing

Employ an affordable and versatile signage solution

Allegra provides one for every application and any budget. Offered in the size, shape, and design to meet your needs, our floor graphics:

  • Adhere to indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Apply easily when you’re ready to proceed
  • Clean-up quickly for attractive, extended use
  • Remove readily when no longer needed

Count on us for eye-catching graphic designs

Rely on our talented creative team to bring your floor graphics to life. They’ll combine bright colors with designs, typefaces, and shapes to create designs that attract attention.

Do you have a rough concept in mind? Creative and collaborative, our team will work with you to see it through to an attractive finished product!

Contact Allegra today for all your floor graphic design, production, and delivery needs. Installations and removals, too!

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