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There are several practical items to think about for the protection and well-being of your employees and visitors. View our Reopening Readiness Checklist below to help guide you through all the ways to meet required guidelines and provide peace of mind as you resume or rebuild operations. Our business reopening plan also includes all the ways to communicate with your clients about how you can support them during this time.

Download a copy to evaluate where you’re at today and what you need to get ready, get set and go!

Safely and Successfully Reopen and Get Back to Business

As you reopen your operation after a COVID-19 closure, there are several things to take into consideration for the safety and well-being of both your guests and your employees. Local, state, and federal safety standards will vary throughout different locations, but will likely include:

• Limiting the number of people inside your facility, based on its size
• Following social distancing guidelines
• Sanitizing high-touch points such as entrances and exits and counters

• Providing hand sanitizer for guests and employees
• Installing protective screens where employee-to-visitor interactions are likely

Gauge Your Readiness

As you prepare to reopen your operation, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

• What is your expected reopening date?
• Do you have employees, visitors, and/or retail traffic?
• Do you go to your customers, or do they come to you?
• Are you looking for temporary, long-term, or permanent solutions?

When it comes to getting your business ready to resume operations, the checklist in the slideshow above will help you prepare your exterior and interior spaces, including utilizing floor graphics and banner stands, changing the flow of foot traffic to maintain social distancing, providing protective equipment to your employees, and more.

Providing a Safe Space for Your Customers

Once your business is back open, you’ll want to ensure you are keeping your guests safe. This includes providing health and safety reminders, social distancing graphics, hand sanitizer stations, and more items that are in the checklist in the slideshow above.

Get the Word Out

Sidewalk signs and banners outside your business alert passersby that you are open, direct mail and email campaigns help spread the message, and other tools such as website content, giveaways, and more help you get the word out. Check out the checklist above for guides to help you with all the aspects of reopening your business!

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