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Wall Graphic

With wall and window graphics from Allegra, you can position notices where they can’t be missed — directly in front of passersby, shoppers, visitors, employees, and others!

Use Wall & Window Graphics to Alert People of COVID-19 Communications

Businesses and organizations are finding many applications for these affordable and attractive signage solutions. They post window and wall signs from Allegra to notify viewers of:

  • Back-to-business sales, specials and promotions
  • Carry-out, delivery or curbside pick-up capabilities
  • Check-out counter instructions
  • Directional notices (e.g., one-way aisles)
  • Handwashing practices
  • Health and safety precautions
  • New business hours
  • Reopening dates
  • Social-distancing measures
  • Updated building or store entry procedures

Go as Large — Or as Small — As Needed

Window Graphic

At Allegra, there is a window or wall graphic for every application — and any budget.

Need a window graphic that’s large enough to notify motorists and pedestrians from a block away that your business has reopened? We will supersize one for you!

Want a smaller graphic to mount on the wall or mirror of a restroom to remind people of best practices regarding washing their hands? Count on us for that, too!

Select from All Types of Window Graphics

Allegra offers three kinds of window graphics. Our selection assures you of getting one that best meets your needs:

  • Window clings adhere to glass through the principle of static cling. This makes them easy to apply, reposition or remove.
  • Window decals attach to glass surfaces with adhesive. Look at them as a longer-term solution.
  • Perforated-vinyl graphics offer one-way flexibility. You can present a full-color image from one direction (e.g., when viewed from the outside). Yet those from within your space see a clear view when looking outward.

Choose from the Most Popular Wall Graphics

Attractive and affordable, Allegra has a solution that’s right for your application:

  • Vinyl wall graphics adhere to smooth walls. They come in squares and rectangles but can be custom designed in virtually any shape or size.
  • Vinyl wall letters are a popular variation. Use them to spell out simple instructions, post a sentence or display entire paragraphs.

Rely on Allegra for Creative Designs

Highly experienced in custom wall and window graphics, count on our design team for expert assistance. They are skilled at developing the look you want with vibrant colors, graphics, type, and shapes.

Alternately, they will add a professional touch to a concept you bring in. Share your idea with us and our talented team will see it through to an eye-catching design that is ready to apply!

Contact Allegra today for all your wall and window graphic design, production, and delivery needs. Installations and removals, too!

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