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The most valuable asset of any organization is its brand. When your company builds brand awareness that is strong, you develop recognition and identity awareness, driving more engagement that ultimately leads to sales. If your brand identity is weak or inconsistent, however, you will be overlooked or forgotten by prospective customers.

Because your brand is the face of your company, it is important that it is consistent and instantly recognizable. Your branding helps your company define your mission, vision, and value, and establishes authority and trustworthiness in your company. Consumers are more likely to have confidence in a brand that they easily recognize, and are also more likely to return for repeat business because the brand is at the forefront of their memory.

Having a strong corporate brand means taking a 360-degree look at all your marketing collateral, both offline and online. From signage, business cards, displays, and your website to promotional products, collateral, advertising, and more, your brand should be reflected clearly and consistently across all of your marketing efforts.

Color palette, type fonts, graphics, and other design elements all come together to support your company’s image.

What does your brand say about you? Whatever your company’s personality, the experts at Allegra can create for you the business branding and promotional marketing materials you need to make a great first and lasting impression.

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Allegra BrandBUILDER gives you customized, fast, and affordable options for building or revamping your brand through professionally designed company identity materials. Choose from three tiered packages to give your organization a whole new look and feel — and ultimately add power to your company branding and drive new sales.

Popular business branding and identity services include:

  • Logo design
  • Color recommendations
  • Marketing collateral development

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