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Ready to add new channels to your marketing mix? Wish you had more campaign metrics?

Need a better understanding of your marketing ROI?

Introducing DirectCONNECT from Allegra. With DirectCONNECT, you get three valuable, cross-media marketing services – mail, phone and online advertising – seamlessly integrated into one convenient package.

Campaign analytics are organized for you in a customized dashboard so you can better understand your return on investment. Easy online access lets you conveniently check the status and measure the performance of your campaigns at any time, from any device.


How DirectConnect works: Every mail piece has an Intelligent Mail Barcode printed on it while it is being addressed. This barcode allows the piece to be tracked. Every campaign has a unique Call Tracking Number. When called, it is tracked, associating any sales with your campaign. Calls are also recorded. Each mailer also refers readers to your website or landing page, to which a tracking code is added. When people view your site or page and move on to others on the Google Display Network, the code will automatically trigger online ads that look like your mailer - giving you added opportunities to drive home your message!

How DirectCONNECT works for cross-media marketing

DirectCONNECT is a fast and easy way to enhance your direct mail, maximize your marketing impact, and grow your business.

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