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Mobile marketing is just what it sounds like: Marketing that happens via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As more people use their mobile devices more than their other devices, or even exclusively use them, mobile advertising becomes more critical for ensuring that your business is reaching customers and potential customers.Torsos of Three People Holding Smartphones While Looking at Them

What kinds of mobile marketing are there?

There are many types of mobile marketing that Allegra can provide your business with support for. Contact us for mobile advertising services that include:

• SMS marketing: Another term for text message marketing, this is a form of marketing that businesses use to send promotions to customers through text messages.

• MMS marketing: Multimedia messaging service marketing is a more enhanced version of SMS marketing that allows you to send images, videos and audio clips to your customers.

• Push notifications: Push notification marketing allows advertisers to inform their target audience about products or services through clickable popups that can be sent to a user’s mobile notification center or browser. These notifications encourage the user to visit your website and take action.

• Proximity marketing: This marketing strategy allows advertisers to target potential customers with ads based on their current location, encouraging them to take action in the immediate future while they are physically near the business.

• App-based marketing: In-app advertising can be done with a brand’s proprietary app, or by partnering with a third-party app. This can involve banner ads, videos, rewards programs and more that provide users with information about promotions, products or services and incentivize them to make purchases or take other actions related to the brand.

These are just a few of the mobile marketing strategies we can help your business with. And no matter what method of mobile marketing your business determines is the best fit for you, having a mobile-friendly web presence is critical. We can help with that, too!

Let Allegra Craft a Mobile Marketing Strategy that Fits Your Brand  

We know that outreach mobile marketing isn’t suited to every kind of promotion – but when it’s right, it can be the most timely and engaging type of communication. Most importantly, we can help you minimize waste and maximize impact and response with sound marketing planning.

Talk to Allegra about your options as you build your most effective mobile marketing program. We can also provide you with strategies for social media marketing, direct mail marketing and more.

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