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Why do the most successful national brands advertise on television and send you information through the mail? Or sponsor online banner ads on specific websites even though they send you a catalog regularly?

Because decades of research have proven that the more ways and locations used to communicate, the more trust is gained by the marketer and the more successful the entire effort. And what is good for the big guys is also good for the smaller, local marketer.

Multi-channel marketing is the practice of interacting with potential and current customers through a combination of direct and indirect communication channels. The idea is to make sure you are wherever your customers are -- and they are everywhere. There are more choices and methods than ever for how customers can receive information, and with multiple channels for receiving information, marketers need to utilize multiple channels to distribute it.

The channels that marketers choose to get the word out will vary from brand to brand. For example, outreach mobile marketing isn’t for everyone, but when it is right it can be the most timely and engaging type of communication.

The trick is to match the multi-channel marketing effort with the habits of the target audience. Let us help you zero in on the best niches for your business and put together the multi-channel marketing effort that will elevate your brand and business to the same level as those national powerhouses. We will help you deliver the right message to the right audience, reaching customers who are attentive, receptive to the message, and willing to respond to it.

Contact Allegra today to discuss your integrated marketing needs. We will help you create consistent messaging for multiple channels that helps you reach the customers who matter to you, on the platforms where they are ready to receive your message.

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Average number of media types used per campaign

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