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Promotional marketing items or “premiums” are a staple of most marketing programs for very good reason.

Research finds that 58% of people keep a promo product from at least one to as many as four or more years, creating thousands of positive impressions. We can access virtually every promotional marketing product available along with the research about which ones — new items and proven workhorses — deliver long-lasting brand awareness and a positive feeling about your brand.

Benefits of providing potential and current customers with promotional items with a logo include:

Improved customer loyalty – Giving a promotional product to a customer increases feelings of good will towards your company by showing them that you care about their business, and increases the chances of them choosing your company over a competitor because they’ll think of you first.

Increased lead generation – Branding a promotional item with your company’s logo increases the chances of a potential customer converting to become an active customer.

Effortless marketing – Hand someone a mug, pen, or piece of clothing with your brand on it, and every time they use that item, not only will that individual be exposed to your brand once more, but every other person they encounter who sees them with the item will also be exposed to your brand. That’s countless impressions!
Long-term brand exposure – Many promotional products are kept for several years, meaning your brand becomes a part of the owner’s day-to-day life. This type of long-term brand exposure helps to reinforce customer loyalty and bolster brand impressions.

Our promotional products experts love to be personal shoppers; give us a mission and we’ll find the right products. Whether you need promotional products to give to customers as a thank you gift, to hand out to potential customers at an event, or for something else, we’ll find the items that are the perfect fit. Let’s get started!

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