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Search this phrase: value of a handwritten note. You’ll learn why in today’s fast-paced, text-friendly world, people value a personal note – now more than ever. You’ll also learn about the power of a handwritten note on quality paper that makes a favorable impression.

A notepad is a simple and appreciated promotional giveaway for your customers and employees alike. Customers who receive a promotional notepad from your company will see it every time they use that notepad to leave someone a note, write a grocery list, or write themselves a reminder, ensuring ongoing exposure. Few other marketing tools offer this type of repeat exposure at such a low cost!

Promotional items such as notepads also encourage reciprocity. When a prospective or current customer receives a giveaway like this, the chances of them liking, remembering, and doing business with you increase.

Employees will appreciate being given a promotional item or reward that is also useful, and as an added bonus, if they use the notepad to write a note to someone, that person will also be exposed to your brand!

No wonder business notepads, memo pads and personalized notepads are so popular. They can be simple and very inexpensive or can be produced on unique and high-quality papers. Almost any size is possible. And with variable data printing, they can be customized in small quantities while keeping costs low.

Contact the paper pros at Allegra for samples and ideas for this popular stationery product. We’ll tell you about our options for custom notepads, personalized notepads, monogrammed notepads and more.

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