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In addition to providing high-quality printing services, Allegra offers specialized print finishes to enhance the look and feel of your marketing materials. Specialty printing services can provide a number of effects to provide an extra visual pop on your printed materials, which in turn provides a stronger impact on your audience.

Adding a special coating or finish to your printed piece often means the difference between “nice” and “wow!” There are several ways to finish your piece to give it that extra something.

What kind of specialty printing options are there?

Allegra’s printing and finishing services can improve the function and appearance of your printed pieces. The advantage of using specialty printing services is that you get the professional results that a standard office printer cannot offer.

Look at some of the most popular print finishes you can get at Allegra:

UV varnish: This is a specialized paper varnish or coating applied over printed materials to give each piece a high gloss or a matte coating finish. This process can be used to cover a complete piece or only on certain spots to make certain elements pop.

High-gloss spot: Also known as high-gloss laminate, it is excellent for making photographs and other graphic elements stand out by improving their sharpness and contrast. This lamination print finish adds a thin protective layer to the printed surface giving it a smooth feel. This finish is often used on covers to give them a shiny and lasting finish.
Closeup of an Embossed Logo on White Paper with the Text Certified Original

Die-cutting: This is a finishing technique that can cut out shapes, make perforations and form creases on the printed surface. This creative treatment helps move the eye from one page to the next with unique cuts and shapes.

Folding: This finishing technique is often used to modify the size of printed products and fit the piece into another element, such as an envelope. Specialty folds give print pieces a “pick me up and play with me” appeal, including gate folds, half folds, letter folds and more. The advantage of the folding finish is that it gives the finished product a unified and professional look.

Embossing: This specialty printing finish raises parts of a flat printed surface to give depth and texture to the material. Embossed printing gives emphasis to certain elements and adds a dramatic touch to the finished product with the shadows and highlights it creates. This three-dimensional stamping process can be combined with inks and foils for additional impact. There is a similar finish that can also be applied to a finished surface called debossing. This technique is used to press a shape into a surface, thus creating a three-dimensional opposite effect to embossing.

Are there other kinds of specialty finishing?

On top of these specialty printing processes, Allegra also offers various binding options. Rely on Allegra for amazing printed marketing pieces and post-print options; the possibilities are endless. Our print finishes can give your designs that something extra and take them from good to amazing.

Start thinking about your next print project - our team will help you formulate the best plan for your print job. We will go over the texture, presentation and impact you want your print products to have.

Consider what an impact your business can make with Allegra’s highly customized print and finishing services. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us today for samples and advice.

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