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Check out ways to get your logo in all the right places.


In today’s multi-channel marketing world, it’s refreshing to know there’s a traditional tactic that gets your customers’ attention and reinforces your brand: promotional items. They can also enhance your direct mail campaigns by driving greater response with an enclosed logoed item. Even better, they’re affordable and fun!

Thanks to our relationship with more than 4,000 industry suppliers, we have immediate access to more than a million custom promotional products. They’re great for prospect campaigns, customer appreciation, or employee recognition.

There’s a promotional product to fit every budget and occasion, like logoed pens, mugs, calendars, key chains and more. Plus, plenty of great wearables like hats, tee shirts, visors and jackets.

What are the benefits of promotional items?

According to Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) research, nearly four in 10 consumers who received a logoed gift from an advertiser they had not done business with said they were more likely to do so in the future. Recall is highest for apparel items, with 88% remembering the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat.

Promotional items go beyond typical businesses, though, and are also great for educational institutions. Kick off the school year, reinforce school-wide initiatives or create souvenir items for events to hand out to students and staff. When you welcome a new student who has just been accepted to your institution, give them a logoed pen or cup that their classmates will see, helping to drive more interest in your school.

What kind of promotional products should my business use?

Your local Allegra can provide you with the most popular promotional giveaway products:

A Selection of Promotional Items with a Triangle Logo on Them

We also want to make sure that you’re getting a real return on your investment with your promotional campaigns. Promo items, when properly integrated into a company’s messaging and collateral, can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales initiatives.

Ready to get started? Contact Allegra for more information or to request a quote. We can also help you with your custom printing and other marketing needs.

8 months
Average time a person keeps a promotional item

Source: Advertising Specialty Institute

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