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Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies businesses can use to reach their customers. At Allegra, we can help you develop custom email marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Email marketing is an effective way to supplement outside sales, advertising, direct mail and other marketing tactics to stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers until they are ready to buy for the first time or buy again. A well-crafted email marketing strategy will help your company build credibility and brand recognition, strengthen customer relationships and drive more traffic to your website. So even if a marketing email doesn’t lead to a conversion, it can still have many benefits to your brand.Conceptual Image of Hands Typing on a Laptop Keyboard with Email Icons Floating Out of the Computer Screen

Reach and Retain Customers with Personalized Messages

Our targeted approach considers the needs and desires of your email marketing subscribers. We will work with you to make sure you reach your customers and prospects with highly personalized messages.

The success of every email marketing campaign will depend entirely on three crucial aspects:

1. The email platform you choose. Email platforms generally offer similar features but will all have slight differences when it comes to the cost, integration with other services and contact management tools. The Allegra team has experience with a wide range of email marketing platforms and can work with your preferred email service or help you figure out which one will work best to achieve your campaign goals.

2. The email contact list. We can help grow your permission-based email list, develop a content plan that delivers relevant information to your subscribers and design templates that add time-saving efficiencies to your email marketing programs.

3. The message. Our design team is familiar with the best practices for email marketing and will help your business design emails that accurately represent your brand, convey your message and drive results.

In addition to this, consider using marketing automation services to help you keep your audience engaged and build a stronger relationship with customers and “high probability” prospects. With our help, your email marketing efforts will be effective rather than intrusive.

Combine Email Marketing with Other Marketing Channels

Email marketing scores even better results when combined with other channels like direct mail, print and digital. Whether used as a standalone for customer nurturing, as a follow-up to lead generation or integrated into your overall campaigns, email works to keep your brand at the top of your customers’ minds.

Are you looking for a results-driven email marketing strategy for your business? Contact Allegra and ask about our full-service email management solutions. We will help you craft an email marketing campaign that attracts and retains customers, and advise you on any additional marketing channels that you should combine with this strategy.

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